a fanlisting

A fanlisting is a group of people who like something: i.e. a group of people who like wolves. All a fanlisting is is a list of fans to do with that particular person, item, or object; it joins together people with similar interests.

final fantasy type-0

Type-0 is part of Fabula Nova Crystallis, a subseries encompassing Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XV, and Type-0 itself, and the idea is that they use the same mythos and ideas to tell different stories.

Type 0 takes place in the world of Orience. Milites, a country of magitek might, launches an attack on the Dominion of Rubrum. Rubrum trains cadets versed in magic, which should give them the edge in battle, until Milites deploys a jammer. When it seems as though all hope is lost in the attack, out of the ashes comes Class Zero, a legendary group of cadets.

The cadets are, you guessed it, mostly children. This is because when magic manifests it is at its strongest around puberty, and then gradually weakens; the reason Academia likely gets away with sending so many children to die is because none of these kids will experience the trauma of watching their best friend die in a battle, because in Orience? When someone dies, that's that. You don't remember them anymore.

There's not much else to say without majorly spoiling the game, but the fourteen members of the class are then deployed on missions throughout Orience with the aim of stopping Milites in mind (and then Concordia, because war). There's a little exploration, there's a dash of FFVIII in there, and it has a similar feel to Crisis Core. Heads up: this game will probably make you cry. Despite all its flaws, it does a heck of a job of making you attached to your kids.

rem tokimiya

Rem is a cadet, and prior to the start of the game, was a member of Class Seven, where she wore a pink mantle. It's not until after the opening mission that she is drafted into Class Zero's ranks, which explains her lack of number (she also doesn't get a birthday). Thereafter, she starts to wear the red vermillion cape.

Rem is also one of the fourteen (yes fourteen) playable characters, and her weapon of choice is a pair of dual daggers. She is arguably the fastest character as well as your best healer, and whilst getting to grips with this game and the battle system, I used Rem a lot (Jack was far too slow and Queen was much too precise, so Rem filled my sword using requirement). By the end of the game, Cater was more my go to, but Rem was usually a part of my party along with Seven for healing or kill strikes, because I could fight with her well, if not decently.

Though the promotional material puts Ace forward as the protagonist, in a lot of ways, its Machina, with Rem as the deuteragonist. She could get more development, but she does gain a fair bit; she's very kind-hearted, strong willed, and though she's dying from an incurable illness, Rem is not content to go out without her all - even if she's in incredible pain. She carries her own weight, so to speak, and unlike some people (Machina) actually gets along with her classmates and develops strong bonds with them. Did I mention she wants to become Agito and to save the world? Nothing's gonna stop Rem, not even death.


If you know me at all, it will come as no surprise that Rem is my favourite character in Type-0. She's the type I'm most likely to gravitate towards - the strong, kick-ass young lady who is demure and wonderful but would also ask you to hold her flower. I love Rem a lot; I love so many of my Class Zero kids, but Rem is the most endearing, the one who was my favourite before I even really figured that one out. She's also the source of my current alias, Rems, because, y'know. That's important too.